JAGA Bansos KPK Receives 621 Public Reports


Source: Media Indonesia

LiputanIslam.com— The application of Jaga Bansos KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission) has received 621 complaints from the public regarding the distribution of social assistance (Bansos).

“As of July 3, 2020, JAGA Bansos received a total of 621 complaints related to the distribution of social assistance. The most common complaint was that the informers did not receive assistance in spite of registering, which was 268 reports,” KPK spokesperson Ipi Maryati Kuding in Jakarta on Thursday (6/7).

She said other six complaint topics that were also submitted by the informers were that authorities didn’t distribute the assistance to the beneficiary with a total of 66 reports and the amount of assistance received is less than what is supposed to be with a total of 47 reports.

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Furthermore, there were 31 reports regarding fictitious recipient, the name on the list of assistance does not exist, 7 reports about getting more than one assistance, 5 reports about the assistance that should not be given, and 191 reports regarding other different topics.

The report was addressed to 205 local governments consisting of 14 provincial governments and 191 district/city governments.

“Whereas the institutions that received the most complaints were the Surabaya city government with 24 reports, West Java provincial government with 17 reports, Tangerang district government, Bogor district government, and Subang district government with 16 reports each,” she said. (sh/Ay/Antara/Republika)