State Secretary: Cabinet’s Performance Improved, Reshuffle No Longer Relevant

452— State Secretary Pratikno said a cabinet reshuffle would be no longer relevant as ministers had made good improvements.

“Of course if (the work) is good then there is no problem. The reshuffle is no longer relevant. So, don’t make a fuss about a reshuffle anymore because the cabinet is working well,” Pratikno said, Jakarta, on Monday, July 6, 2020.

“In a relatively short time, we see remarkable progress in ministries/institutions, which can be seen from the increased budget absorption, and programs that have started to run,” he said.

In a cabinet plenary meeting at the Presidential Palace on June 18, 2020, President Joko Widodo strongly rebuked the Indonesia Onward Cabinet ministers. President Jokowi even opened the option to reshuffle the ministers or the dissolution of institutions if they didn’t make significant progress.

“The strong reprimand is responded quickly by the cabinet. This is good progress. If it is good, what’s the point of reshuffle? That’s the point.  Of course with the good progress, the issue of the reshuffle is not relevant,” he remarked.

Pratikno hoped that the improvement of the ministers’ performance could be maintained. The president continually spurred all institutions including the cabinet to work hard.

“It is indeed because of the problem, it might also be because of the office, which wasn’t fully optimal during the initial transition, so the President feels that state institutions, especially the cabinet, should be able to work more optimally with better performance,” he stated.

The point is that the president has urged that the programs must be speeded up, and the budget absorption must be improved.   (sh/Ay/Antara/KataData)