Economic Crisis During the Pandemic, Sri Mulyani: We Can Survive


Sumber:— Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said Indonesia had succeeded in going through several economic challenges and crises since the beginning of its independence.

However, the current crisis caused by Covid-19 is admittedly far more complicated than previous crises. During the economic crisis in 1998 or 2008, the government could focus on saving companies or banks. Meanwhile, the current situation is very different because many sectors have been crushed.

“The situation today also focuses on the safety of the community, the business world, but at the same time it is haunted by an invisible disease but we have seen quite a lot of victims. This is what causes the character of this crisis to be very different,” Sri Mulyani said on Thursday (8/10)

Even so, Sri Mulyani remains optimistic that Indonesia can overcome the crisis that occurred due to the Covid-19 pandemic and become a country with a stronger foundation.

“We can survive, we survive again and even build a stronger foundation. Every time there is a difficult episode, we can then come out by building a better foundation,” she said, Monday (12/10).

She explained that since the beginning of its independence, Indonesia had been burdened by the debt of the Dutch East Indies colonial government had been burdened with debt. At the beginning of the New Order, Indonesia experienced hyperinflation, which reached hundreds of percent. Then, there was the Asian financial crisis which caused the dollar to soar and made Indonesia’s debt increase by 100 percent.

These crises made Indonesia continue to make restorations and improvements. In the reform era, many laws and regulations had been formed and had become the basis for managing the state financial balance to date.

“From the side of state finances, we know that is where the milestone on how the balance sheet and state finances will begin to be built. We make state treasury and BPK laws.

/ These are the three pillars in terms of state finances, ” she explained. (sh/kompas/cnnindonesia)