Survey: Public is Optimistic With the Economic Recovery


Sumber:— The survey conducted by ISPOS shows that Indonesians have high optimism that the economy will recover soon. IPSOS is a global marketing and public opinion research company in six countries in Southeast Asia, Indonesia Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, and Thailand.

According to Soeparto Tan, Managing Director of IPSOS Indonesia, the optimism of the Indonesians is higher than that of the five other countries.

“The second survey which was held in September 2020, Indonesia looked quite superior compared to the other five countries that were surveyed,” he said Thursday (5/11).

There are 500 respondents surveyed by IPSOS in each country. The survey is carried out with three objectives. First is to look at the stage where each country in Southeast Asia reacts to Covid-19. The second is to see how bad the impact of Covid-19 is on people’s incomes and what their hopes are in the next six months. The third is to see how economic activity runs during the pandemic and what products are affected or not affected by the pandemic.

Based on the survey results, the confidence of the Indonesians about an economic recovery is higher than that of other countries. Soeparto said that from the 500 Indonesian respondents, 4 percent claimed to have experienced an increase in income. Meanwhile, 21 percent of respondents said their income was stable.

According to him, the optimism of the Indonesians for economic recovery is high because people feel helped by the massive assistance provided by the government. They also believe the vaccine can be found and produced in the next year.

In addition, the survey shows that the health aspect is the top priority in dealing with the pandemic. This can be seen from 60 percent of respondents who want the Covid-19 problem from the health side to be resolved first. (sh/pikiran-rakyat/cnnindonesia)