COVID-19 Pandemic, Jokowi: There are Still Many Challenges, But Much Has Been Done


Sumber:— President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) admitted that the Covid-19 pandemic still left many challenges that needed to be resolved. However, Jokowi claimed that the government had done a lot to overcome it.

“I understand that there are still many challenges, but we have done a lot of things,” said Jokowi, Sunday (4/10).

Jokowi said the government had issued various programs to deal with problems that arose during the pandemic with limited state finances.

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“The government has done a lot, there are many kinds of programs. In the midst of limited state finances, I took risks to overcome this problem, “he said.

Jokowi said that the funds issued by the government to deal with the corona outbreak had reached hundreds of trillions of rupiah. Even so, he still wasn’t satisfied. He reminded his ministers to do better. Programs that are made must be more targeted and more directed.

“The figures, please see for yourself in the display here, how many hundred trillion we are spending to overcome the epidemic, as well as to help residents. However, I am not satisfied either. I want the ministers to be better at work. We must continue to make policy adjustments, looking for something better, “he said.

According to him, the Covid-19 pandemic is a new problem, and no country has yet dared to claim that it has found the best solution. Each country has different problems and ways of handling them. For that, the solutions that are made must be adjusted to the problems that exist in the country.

“Every country also has different problems, different ways of managing them, so we also have to keep adjusting to find the best way that best suits our situation,” he said. (sh/detik/kompas/wartaekonomi)