Jakarta Reimposes PSBB, This is What Sri Mulyani Says


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LiputanIslam.com— The implementation of large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) volume II in Jakarta will affect the condition of the national economy. Some economists predict that this policy will make Indonesia fall into a recession.

In this regard, Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani said the government was currently monitoring the progress of the implementation of PSBB in Jakarta and its impact on the economy.

“We are currently monitoring and observing data related to the movement along with the implementation of the PSBB starting September 14 by the DKI government. As announced, PSBB is focused on some places that are suspected as being the center of the COVID-19 transmission such as offices,” Sri Mulyani said on Tuesday (15/9).

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She explained that PSBB volume II was different from the strict PSBB in March. At that time, all community activities stopped. Meanwhile, currently, the implementation of the PSBB focuses on the center of the COVID-19 transmission such as offices.

Even so, offices in Jakarta can still operate at a capacity limited to 25 percent. So, the situation is very different from the implementation of the first PSBB.

“This means that the current PSBB is different from the situation in March and April, which, at the time, all community activities stopped. Now, we are seeing that the scale goes down,” she revealed.

However, the PSBB in Jakarta will still put pressure on Indonesia’s economic growth. According to her, the economic growth in the third quarter will tend to be at the lower limit of the projection, which is -2.1 percent, or lower than that figure.

“As in March, the decline (economic growth) reached 2 percent, we estimate that the lower end could be -2.1 percent or it could be lower than -2.1 percent,” she said. (sh/kompas/detik)