Jakarta Back Under PSBB, BPS: It Will Affect Indonesia’s Economy


Sumber: tempo.co

LiputanIslam.com— Statistics Indonesia (BPS) said that the large-scale social restriction (PSBB) volume II in Jakarta will significantly affect the economic situation in Indonesia.

Head of BPS Suhariyanto revealed that Jakarta’s contribution to the national economic growth was quite large. Jakarta could contribute 17.7-8 percent of Indonesia’s gross domestic product (PDB). Thus, if the economy in Jakarta fell down, the impact would be significant to the national economy.

“DKI’s GDP is large around 17 percent-18 percent of the share to the national. So, what happens in Jakarta, of course, has a big impact on Indonesia’s economy,” Suhariyanto said on Tuesday (15/9).

However, the implementation of PSBB volume II would be not as strict as PSBB in the period of March to June. Office activities can still run and restaurants can still be open. Moreover, shopping centers such as malls and markets can still run at 50 percent capacity.

“If we see, the PSBB is actually not a total PSBB. For offices, 25 percent is still allowed, and restaurants can still open as long as the orders are brought home,” he remarked.

This was also said by an economic observer from the Center of Reform on Economics (Core) Yusuf Rendy Manilet. According to him, if economic growth in Jakarta slowed down, Indonesia’s economic growth would also slow down.

PSBB volume II is predicted to cause national economic growth to return to negative in the third quarter of 2020. If this happens, Indonesia will technically be in a recession.

“If it is negative, then technically Indonesia will be hit by a recession because it has experienced minus growth twice in a row,” he said. (sh/tirto/kompas/cnnindonesia)