Ombudsman:  After Being Scolded, Ministers Must Improve Performance


Source: Akurat— Indonesian Ombudsman Member Laode Ida hopes that Indonesian cabinet ministers will improve their performance after being scolded by President Joko Widodo.

“Hopefully, after being scolded openly by President Jokowi, there will be a great improvement to work extraordinarily,” Laode Ida said in Jakarta, on Thursday, June 30.

She said there are two causes why Jokowi gave the reprimand. First, Jokowi thinks that some of his ministers are complacent about their positions.

“They are rather complacent about their positions, especially in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic. It makes them more focused on maintaining their personal and family health,” she stated.

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Second, the ministers are not competent for their duties, particularly in this pandemic situation. The tasks that are usually carried out in a normal way by the state civil apparatus can no longer be done in such a way.

The ministers are allegedly unable to be innovative and productive in doing their tasks mandated by the President in the midst of COVID-19. Thus, it makes the President angry,” she said.

However, whatever the cause is, Laode Ida suggested that the President must make a special evaluation for his ‘servants’.  At any rate, as a result of those two conditions, the people didn’t get good services from the officials.

Laode also suggested that the President would question why the budget absorption capacity for handling COVID-19 was still very little. Is it because of policy constraints or operational technical reasons, such as a result of the tightness of the Minister of Finance in terms of the budget? This is what needs to be investigated specifically so that the President can find the best solution. (sh/Ay/Antara/iNews)