Novel Baswedan Case, Haris Azhar: A Number of Facts Weren’t Presented in The Court



Jakarta,— Haris Azhar, an Indonesian law and human rights activist, stated that he found a number of facts were not presented in the trial process of acid attack case on Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) investigator Novel Baswedan.

“Incidentally, I also investigated several times, compiled reports and others. We found a number of facts were not presented,” Haris stated on Wednesday, June 17.

Since the beginning of handling the case, the police claimed to have found the CCTV footage near the residence of Novel Baswedan. But, it wasn’t shown as the evidence in the court.

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“For example, there are CCTV owners who were presented to the trial, but the problem of CCTV that needs to be brought to the trial is not the witness, but the video,” he said.

However, there were a number of witnesses who were not invited at the trial. They are the ones who saw the incident and the act when the perpetrators conducted the stakeout. They were already questioned at the sectoral police (Polsek), departmental police (Polres), and regional police (Polda) levels.

“There are some information and testimonies that have become official reports in the investigation process, but now they have totally changed,” he remarked.

This was confirmed by the KPK investigator Novel Baswedan. According to him, there were a number of key witnesses who were not examined. He claimed to be surprised why investigators did not examine the witnesses.

“Key witnesses who knew about the incident and before the incident were not examined. Some witnesses even took pictures of the perpetrators,” he said. (sh/tribunnews/kompas)