Jokowi: Job Creation Law Can Eradicate Corruption like Illegal Levies

686— President Joko Widodo considered that the implementation of the Job Creation Law could support efforts to eradicate corruption such as illegal levies.

“This Job Creation Law supports efforts in eradicating corruption, this is clear because by simplifying, cutting, and integrating the licensing system electronically, illegal levies can be eradicated,” Jokowi said in Bogor on Friday (9/10).

According to the President, the Job Creation Law would make it easier for society especially on small and micro enterprises to make a new enterprise.

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“Overlapping regulations, complicated procedures, business licensing for small and micro enterprises (UMK) are no longer needed, just for registration, very simple,” he added.

Furthermore, the formation of a limited liability company was also made easier and there was no longer a minimum capital limitation.

“The formation of cooperatives is also facilitated by the number of only 9 people, cooperatives can be formed. We hope there will be more cooperatives in the country,” President revealed.

Small and micro enterprises engaged in the food and beverage sector, according to the President, also got facilitated because the government funded the halal certification, which means free.

“For example, a fishing boat license is only to the KKP work unit (Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries), if previously you had to apply to the KKP, the Ministry of Transportation and other agencies, now it is sufficient only to the KKP Unit,” he remarked.

“I saw the demonstrations against the Job Creation Law were basically motivated by disinformation about the substance of this law and hoaxes on social media,” he said.

However, if there are still people who are not satisfied with the Job Creation Law, President Jokowi will invite them to submit a judicial review to the Constitutional Court.

“Our Constitutional system says that so, if there are still those who are satisfied and refuse, please submit a judicial review to the Constitutional Court,” he said. (sh/Ay/Antara/CNN)