Jokowi Expresses Indonesia’s Conviction to Support Palestine in Accordance with the Principle of Dasasila Bandung at UN Assembly

1130— President Joko Widodo emphasized Indonesia’s support for Palestine in a speech at the 75th General Assembly Session of the United Nations (UN), which was held on Tuesday (22/9/2020) New York Time.

It was the first time for Jokowi to deliver a speech before the assembly since taking office as President. In his speech, President Jokowi explained several points regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesia’s role in the region, and collective global leadership.

He also emphasized Indonesia’s conviction in fighting for Palestinian independence according to the Dasasila Bandung Principles at the Asian-African Conference in Bandung 1955.

The President said that Palestine was the only country present at the Bandung Conference, which until now has not enjoyed its independence. The following is a snippet of the President’s speech regarding support for Palestine:

Your Excellency,

This year Indonesia is also celebrating its 75th of independence. And it is our determination, Indonesia continues to contribute to world peace in accordance with the mandate of the constitution. Indonesia will continue to play a role as a bridge-builder, as part of the solution.

Indonesia continues to carry out this commitment, especially when Indonesia sat as a member of the UN Security Council. Indonesia will always put forward the spirit of cooperation, a spirit that will always benefit all parties without leaving a single country. No one, no country, should be left behind.

This equality was emphasized by the Father of the Indonesian Nation, Soekarno, Bung, Karno, during the Asian-African Conference in Bandung 1955, which produced Bandung Dasa Sila. Until now, the principles of Bandung Dasa Sila are still very relevant, including the peaceful settlement of disputes, the promotion of cooperation, and respect for international law.

Palestine was the only country present at the Bandung Conference that has yet to enjoy its independence. Indonesia continues to consistently provide support for Palestine to get its rights.  (sh/ra/kompas)