Government Must Organize Public Transportation in the Regions, Expert Says


Sumber:— Transportation expert Djoko Setijowarno asked the government to organize public transportation modes in the regions.

“The state must be present to help improve and organize urban public transportation in the regions. During a pandemic, it could be a momentum to improve public transportation services,” he remarked in Jakarta, Sunday (6/9).

He assessed that the idea of developing public transportations between the center and the regions is often not in line. Requests for public transportation assistance from the regions are often not followed by good planning.

“The regions often ask for public transportation assistance in the form of services. However, the network master plan and the public transportation management or operational master plan have not yet been prepared,” he said.

This makes transportation facilities like buses unable to operate optimally in the regions. There are even some areas delaying or not operating the bus facility assistance they requested.

With the improvement of the quality of public transportation in the regions, the mobility of the people could be maintained so as to support economic recovery.

One of the improvements that need to be done is in Bali. Djoko said Trans Metro Dewata would be available in Bali. This mode of transportation would operate in the area of Sarbagita (Denpasar, Badung, Gianyar, and Tabanan).

“This time, the buses that operate are low deck so they need special stops. While there is no budget yet, it is sufficient to provide bus stops at several designated bus stop points. If later there are enough users, a more representative bus stop can be built.  (sh/kompas/detik)