Ministry of Defense to Implement Military Education for University Students


Sumber:— The Ministry of Defense (Kemenhan) is holding a discussion with the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) to implement military education for university students.

Deputy Minister of Defense Sakti Wahyu Trenggono said the military education would be carried out through the national defense program. This program would be included in the semester credit unit (SKS) that is taken.

“Later, in one semester, they can participate in military education, the marks are included in the SKS taken. This is one of the things that we are discussing with Kemendikbud to implement,” Trenggono said on Sunday (16/8).

The national defense program aims to form a young generation who are not only creative and innovative but also love the nation and country.

“We must not lose to South Korea who was able to shake the world through K-pop. From a defense point of view, that is how they influence the world through their creative industries. Indonesia should be like that because we have a lot of arts and culture,” he remarked.

He said that love for Indonesia could also be done by joining the Military Reserve Component (Komcad) in accordance with the mandate of Law (UU) Number 3/2019 on Management of National Resource for State Defense.

Komcad is not a conscription that must be done for the whole community. This program is a government effort to provide training for people who want to defend the society in case of war.

“This is an awareness from citizens who want to defend the country in case of war facilitated by providing training for several months. After training, they will be returned to the community. If the country is in a state of war, they are ready to fight,” he said. (sh/cnbcindonesia/cnnindonesia)